Stop in for a refreshing Bobberita!

Image for Stop in for a refreshing Bobberita!

Here at Bobber’s Island Grill we feature a unique and exciting adult drink menu.  One of our featured drinks on this menu is our very own ‘Bobberita.’  The Bobberita is our take on a very popular drink, the margarita.  The ‘Bobberita’ features a top of the line tequila and mixes.  When you order the Bobberita here at Bobber’s Island Grill, you have the serving options of on the rocks or blended.  After you’ve decided how you want it prepared, we feature four different flavors!  Our flavors include original, strawberry, raspberry, and mango.  Stop in on a Tuesday or Thursday in the bar or restaurant and you’ll receive your Bobberita half off! Cheapest Bobberita in town!  You do not want to miss that deal!


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