Check Out Our New Arcade!

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Are your kids getting antsy sitting at the table while waiting for food? Looking for something to do to kill time while you’re waiting to be sat at a table?  Well new to Bobber’s this fall is our 13 game arcade!  Our kid inviting arcade has many interactive games that will keep your kids busy for a while!  One of the most popular games is an enlarged version of the popular app, Flappy Bird.  Redeeming tickets for prizes is a breeze.  Once you play a game, it will ask you to print off the ticket voucher.  Once you have printed off the voucher, just take it over to the redemption center and scan your slip.  Once your tickets have registered in the machine, you chose what prize you would like and out it comes!  Don’t worry about trying to entertain your children in the down time while waiting for your entree or dessert; we have you covered!


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